Gender Reveal!

We had another prenatal appointment last week. The technician did an anatomy scan and we found out the gender of our baby!

We didn’t do a gender reveal party, but I created this Old Wives’ Tales graphic and posted it on Facebook. It was interesting how close the tallies were between boy and girl! (You can download a generic version of the Old Wives’ Tales Chart in my Etsy shop.)


Baby Gender Old Wives' Tales


I don’t believe any of these are actually telling about baby’s gender. Even though I haven’t had any nausea, David’s mom was sick the entire time for each of her five boys. My mom craved orange juice with my brothers. I will admit I tried the baking soda test, and that one happened to be accurate. I attempted to use the Ramzi Theory with photos from my earliest ultrasound, but it was after the fact and I wasn’t sure about the angle.

David guessed boy, because that’s what he knows with four brothers. I guessed girl, but really had no clue.

We found out we’re having a…


20 weeks gender reveal - it's a girl!


Girl!!! She’ll be the first girl grandchild on my side and the third grandgirl on David’s side.

Everything is looking healthy. She measured a little small at the anatomy scan, but still within normal range. In the last week, I’ve felt a LOT of movement! David has also felt kicks with his hand on my stomach.

And because why not, here’s a survey:

  • How far along? 20 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 5.8 pounds
  • Gender: Girl!
  • Name? We think we’ve chosen a first name, but won’t share until after she’s arrived.
  • Sleep: I’ve been sleeping through the night, but it’s hard to get comfortable! I’m using three pillows at the moment.
  • Exercise: I count the fact that I walk a lot here as exercise. I try to do a yoga video a couple times a week.
  • Best moment this week: Hearing that baby girl is doing well and sharing the gender with our family.
  • Movement: YES! Finally! Lots of movement and the occasional jab here and there.
  • Symptoms: Maybe a little fatigue, but overall feeling great. Lots of trips to the bathroom.
  • Food cravings: Fruit, juice, smoothies.
  • Food aversions: No real aversions.
  • Maternity clothes: I’ve used a belly band a handful of times with a pair of jeans. So far, I’ve gotten away with stretchy pants, skirts, and dresses. I have a feeling that I’ll soon be needing to use some of my official maternity wear!
  • What I miss: I feel very fortunate and at the risk of complaining – lying on my stomach to do computer work and coffee drinks. (Even though I’m not a coffee addict, there’s something comforting about a warm cup. Fortunately, there’s no Pumpkin Spice lattes in Korea to tempt me this fall. Unfortunately, they don’t sell decaf here either.)
  • Belly button in or out? Still in… but it’s more open?
  • Stretch marks? Nothing major that I can tell yet. I should probably start moisturizing though.
  • Milestones: We’re at the halfway point as of this past Monday!

Keep growing, Baby Girl!

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  • Reply J

    Congratulations on baby girl! Sooo very exciting and glad that you are feeling good. You look great. I thoroughly love reading about your travels. I have been following your blog via Campbells. She doesn’t know me either, but I had her college friend Laurie’s girls in my SS class in Arkansas. How about that for round and about (and bad punctuation/grammar!) Blessings to you.

    September 28, 2016 at 11:31 pm
    • Reply Leah

      Thank you!! It’s so fun to have connections all over the world. 🙂 I went to college in Arkansas at Harding and my mom retired there too! 

      September 29, 2016 at 1:15 am

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