Hi! I’m Leah. Come explore the world with me!

I’m a graphic designer turned librarian turned freelancer, and I’ve called many places home in the last several years.

My redheaded, bearded husband and I are both from Michigan. We met our freshman year of college and dated long distance for four years. After college, we got married and worked in Virginia for a while.

Then we made a crazy decision, put all but a couple of suitcases into storage, and moved to Turkey. We spent three years teaching in Turkey and in July 2015, we transferred to a school in Korea.


And that’s where we’re living now – Seoul, South Korea!

Seoul is a new adventure with challenges and cultural blunders. I am a Korean adoptee and am navigating a different kind of expat experience in my birth country. We’re also about to become parents in Korea! Living so far away from our family, friends, and the comforts of home isn’t easy, but our struggles are part of the ride and we wouldn’t change a thing.


Why Novel Benedictions?

Novel means “new or unusual in an interesting way.” Our last name is Benedict, which means “blessing.” Every day is a blessing from God! We aim to make the most of every opportunity and bring salt and light to those around us. This blog chronicles the time before we moved to Turkey, the transition into our new lives as expatriates, the many travels and adventures that followed, and our new life in Korea.


Leah Benedict standing by a lime green wallFun Facts

  • I love reading, cooking, baking, antiquing, and exploring new places around the world.
  • I have an online store called Happily Vector After where I design custom illustrated portraits.
  • My husband grew up on a farm and his family produces Michigan maple syrup.
  • I’m addicted to chocolate and avocados.
  • I’d rather spend money on good food than on clothes or anything else.
  • I find a LOT of four leaf clovers.
  • I can pack a suitcase to exactly 50 lbs like nobody’s business.


Where To Start

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