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    Gender Reveal!

    We had another prenatal appointment last week. The technician did an anatomy scan and we found out the gender of our baby!

    We didn’t do a gender reveal party, but I created this Old Wives’ Tales graphic and posted it on Facebook. It was interesting how close the tallies were between boy and girl! (You can download a generic version of the Old Wives’ Tales Chart in my Etsy shop.)


    Baby Gender Old Wives' Tales


    I don’t believe any of these are actually telling about baby’s gender. Even though I haven’t had any nausea, David’s mom was sick the entire time for each of her five boys. My mom craved orange juice with my brothers. I will admit I tried the baking soda test, and that one happened to be accurate. I attempted to use the Ramzi Theory with photos from my earliest ultrasound, but it was after the fact and I wasn’t sure about the angle.

    David guessed boy, because that’s what he knows with four brothers. I guessed girl, but really had no clue.

    We found out we’re having a…


    20 weeks gender reveal - it's a girl!


    Girl!!! She’ll be the first girl grandchild on my side and the third grandgirl on David’s side.

    Everything is looking healthy. She measured a little small at the anatomy scan, but still within normal range. In the last week, I’ve felt a LOT of movement! David has also felt kicks with his hand on my stomach.

    And because why not, here’s a survey:

    • How far along? 20 weeks
    • Total weight gain: 5.8 pounds
    • Gender: Girl!
    • Name? We think we’ve chosen a first name, but won’t share until after she’s arrived.
    • Sleep: I’ve been sleeping through the night, but it’s hard to get comfortable! I’m using three pillows at the moment.
    • Exercise: I count the fact that I walk a lot here as exercise. I try to do a yoga video a couple times a week.
    • Best moment this week: Hearing that baby girl is doing well and sharing the gender with our family.
    • Movement: YES! Finally! Lots of movement and the occasional jab here and there.
    • Symptoms: Maybe a little fatigue, but overall feeling great. Lots of trips to the bathroom.
    • Food cravings: Fruit, juice, smoothies.
    • Food aversions: No real aversions.
    • Maternity clothes: I’ve used a belly band a handful of times with a pair of jeans. So far, I’ve gotten away with stretchy pants, skirts, and dresses. I have a feeling that I’ll soon be needing to use some of my official maternity wear!
    • What I miss: I feel very fortunate and at the risk of complaining – lying on my stomach to do computer work and coffee drinks. (Even though I’m not a coffee addict, there’s something comforting about a warm cup. Fortunately, there’s no Pumpkin Spice lattes in Korea to tempt me this fall. Unfortunately, they don’t sell decaf here either.)
    • Belly button in or out? Still in… but it’s more open?
    • Stretch marks? Nothing major that I can tell yet. I should probably start moisturizing though.
    • Milestones: We’re at the halfway point as of this past Monday!

    Keep growing, Baby Girl!


    Our Next Adventure…

    We’ve been keeping a secret and are excited to finally share… we are expecting our first child February 13!!


    We are expecting our first child in February!


    How We (I) Found Out
    After finishing our first school year in Korea, we traveled back to the States in early June for summer vacation. We landed into Chicago. David flew out a few hours later to Virginia for a grad school class, and I spent a couple of nights in Chicago with my cousins. Seoul air quality had attacked me once again and I was sick with a sinus infection. Despite hacking up a lung, I had a great time with the girls.

    Next, I flew to Arkansas next to see my mom. We stayed a few nights at a camp to help with a VBS program. The sinus infection had spread to one of my eyes, and I finally went to a clinic and got a round of antibiotics.

    It was relief to finally have meds and be back at my mom’s house. We went to Walmart to do a little shopping. At this point, I didn’t think I was pregnant, but I was late. I knew travel and sickness could throw things off, and on a whim in the cosmetics area, I grabbed a pregnancy test. It was 88¢ and I figured it’d be good to know. When I met back up with Mom, I told her, “Don’t get your hopes up.” I waited a couple of days before I took the test.

    I took the test early one morning because I had woken up to use the bathroom. It was around 4:00 am. Imagine my surprise when a second line quickly appeared! I woke up Mom to confirm that it wasn’t just me and we marveled for a while before trying to go back to sleep.


    Positive pregnancy test


    David was in Virginia, and it was almost a week until I would see him again! It was hard to keep it a secret, but we didn’t talk a lot over that time. He was super busy with his class and only had cell service when there was WiFi. I did tell him that when I saw him I had a surprise for him and that I’d made him something.

    Before Mom and I drove to Virginia for David’s brother’s wedding, I put the test in a small box. Then I put that box in a larger box. The apps I downloaded gave me an estimated due date of February 14, so I cut out a construction paper heart, wrote “Will you be my Valentine?” and put that on top of the smaller box. (I wish I had taken a picture of it, but it’s back in the States.)

    Amidst the chaos of everyone arriving in Virginia on the same day, David and I were able to slip away at the end of the night. When he opened the first box, nothing registered. “Of course I’ll be your Valentine,” he said. And then he opened the smaller box. It was priceless to watch the realization and smile wash across his face. He was shocked!


    The Rest of the Summer
    After the excitement of the wedding, we slowly began to share the news with our family. We loved being able to tell them in person and have them join in the celebration.

    We told everyone in batches and didn’t have a grand plan of how to announce the news. We tried to be creative when the right moment presented itself. With David’s family, we went to a Chinese restaurant and David made a slip to put inside a fortunate cookie. With my sister, we were joking about Southern stereotypes on the back porch and I told her, “Well, at least I’ve got the barefoot and pregnant thing going.” When we saw my Dad, we were taking group pictures. I acted like I was taking a photo while videoing and said, “Ok, 1, 2, 3, say ‘Leah’s pregnant’!” We had fun with it.

    I’ve been so fortunate and haven’t had any morning sickness – just LOTS of fatigue! I wasn’t much of one for naps before, but I’ll take one now every chance I get.

    We had our first prenatal appointment in the States. I know seeing isn’t always believing, but watching our little one on the screen made it feel more real!


    10 week ultrasound


    Back in Korea
    We had our second appointment in Korea. Baby B was squirming all around and gave us a show. We asked the technician if she could tell us the gender, but Baby didn’t give us a good look. She gave us a guess, but told us it was unconfirmed and that we’d be able to tell at our next appointment.


    15 week ultrasound


    We marvel every day at how my belly grows bit by bit and are praying over his or her life!


    Answers to FAQ

    • We will have the baby in Korea at an awesome birthing center.
    • Baby will not have Korean citizenship – just US citizenship.
    • As long as everything’s healthy, we hope to travel home for Christmas and the summer.
    • My mom is planning to come to Korea for the birth and David’s parents hope to visit in April.
    • Your guess is as good as ours – we have no clue if the baby will have red hair. 🙂



    Beautiful Kenley

    Vicki and I met in seventh grade. She has been one of my dearest, most precious friends ever since. We were locker partners in high school. She drove all the way to Arkansas to visit me in college. She introduced me to David. We were in each other’s weddings. Vicki is the type of friend who would do anything for you – and she does. She loves fiercely and gives so much of herself to everyone in her life.

    Vicki and Rusty had their first baby this summer. We were so excited to first meet Kenley! Vicki asked if I’d take a few photos. Kenley was only 4 days old for our photo shoot. I can’t get over how beautiful she is! My heart is so full of happiness and love for this sweet little girl.


    Kenley in a basket


    Kenley feet


    Newborn Kenley


    Kenley in a basket


    Vicki’s mom made this quilt for Kenley. It matches the curtains in her room:


    Kenley with her quilt


    Kenley with rings


    Kenley and dad


    Mom and Kenley


    Mom, Dad, and Kenley


    I love this family!


    Mom, Dad, and Kenley



    Meeting Baby Kenley!

    Our best friends Vicki and Rusty had their baby! We couldn’t be more thrilled for them! Their daughter arrived early Wednesday morning and they named her Kenley Elizabeth Harris. We got to meet her yesterday. She is absolutely beautiful:




    She is so tiny! We met her when she was just two days old. It’s been a while since I held a newborn. I was nervous I was going to break her. David, on the other hand, was a natural:


    David holding Kenley


    Leah holding Kenley


    I designed birth stats for Kenley with the same owl themed graphics I used for Vicki’s shower invitations:


    Owl themed baby birth stats


    Baby, mom, and dad are doing great. Such a beautiful family!


    The Harris Family


    Vicki and Rusty did a fantastic job with her nursery. Vicki went with gray, coral, and owls for the theme. I got to help with a few things!


    Gray and coral nursery


    I designed two prints of prayers. One was a prayer Vicki’s dad said with her at night. The other she found on Pinterest. Again, these were based on the same graphics as the shower invitation:


    Nursery wall with prayers


    Here’s a close up of one of them:


    Prayer design in nursery


    We’re so glad she arrived before we head back to Turkey. Congrats, Rusty and Vicki! Kenley is the luckiest little girl in the world to have you two as her parents! We are so excited to watch her grow.



    Our Nephew Ethan

    We’ve loved, loved meeting our two nephews this summer. Ethan was born in October. He’s a sweet little man with a whole lot of personality. He’s very friendly and loves to grab everything in sight and test them out in his mouth.


    John and Ethan


    My mom adores babies. It’s fun to watch her with Ethan.


    Ethan on the porch




    He was pretty tuckered out after playing:


    Mom feeding Ethan


    Such a cutie!



    Owl Themed Baby Shower Invitations

    Babies have taken over my news feeds, and there are many more on the way! I was so excited when I found out earlier this year that my best friend was pregnant! Vicki and I have been friends since junior high, and she claims responsibility for matchmaking David and me.

    It looks like timing will be perfect and her baby girl will be born while we’re still in the States this summer. I can’t wait! Vicki is the most adorable pregnant lady. We’ve kept up through Skype and she posts weekly bump photos. She and her husband Rusty had a gender reveal party not too long ago. I so wish I could have been there:


    Cutting their gender reveal cake... it's a girl!


    At vicki and Rusty's baby gender reveal party. It's a girl!


    I’ve had the honor of designing wedding invitations for several of my friends. Now that I think about it, Vicki was the first person to ask me to design wedding invites. And now she gets the first baby shower invitations!

    Vicki’s been loving owls lately. She also told me she plans to use the fabric she used for her sash in my wedding for something in the nursery. When her sister asked if I’d design the invitations, I was reminded of a cute illustration I purchased off of iStockphoto. I made some color adjustments, added in some pretty type, and ta da!


    Owl themed baby shower invitation.


    {Please note that I changed the date and address so I could post it on the web!}

    This will be such a fun summer!