Venice on David’s Birthday

Spring Break Day Five: Venice – David’s Birthday!
David is one lucky April Fool and gets to celebrate his birthday all around the world. Last year, we were in Slovenia and Croatia on his birthday. This year, it was Venice!


David's birthday


We had our traditional birthday coffee to start the morning, this year with tiramisu! We found a great little restaurant on a canal and soaked up the sunshine as the gondolas rowed by.

Speaking of gondolas, there’s an official city rate of €80 for a gondola ride. We didn’t have enough to pay for that, but fortunately I came across a great tip! I follow an author on Instagram and saw her post about a €2 gondola ferry. Now, it quite literally takes you from one side of the canal to the other and lasts all of about 60 seconds… BUT! For €2? That, we can do.

We spent David’s birthday walking around the island and browsing the cute little markets and shops. We had the most amazing pasta for lunch at a hole-in-the-wall joint.

After lunch, we visited Saint Mark’s Basilica. (Free admission!) Photos weren’t allowed inside the sanctuary, but it was incredible! I spent just as much time looking at the floor as I did everything else. The tiling inside of the church is remarkable. There are so many colors and patterns and designs. (Just Google Image search it!) You can get a glimpse of it from the photos I took just outside the sanctuary.

We also took the elevator up to the top of Saint Mark’s Campanil for a great view of Venice.

It was a relaxing day and such a beautiful place to wander!


Venice canal


Gondola Ferry


Leah on a gondola


Venice gondola ferry


David holding Del Moro Pasta


Gondola going under a bridge


David with a Davide apron


Leah on Venice bridge


St. Mark's Basilica


St. Mark's Basilica floor


St. Mark's Basilica tiles


St. Mark's Basilica Ceiling


View from St Mark's Campanile


View from St Mark's Campanile


View from St Mark's Campanile


Leah and David by a Venice canal


Where We Ate
• Ristorante Florida for breakfast. Good coffee and free Wi-Fi.
• Dal Moro’s Pasta for lunch. Man, this place was so good. They make everything fresh on the spot. David got a red sauce on his pasta and I had pesto. They give it to you in Chinese take-out boxes with a ton of parm sprinkled on top. They also tell you to eat it quickly because it’s best fresh and the taste changes. (And they were right! There was so much we could barely finish, and by the time we reached the bottom of our boxes, the consistency of the pasta had changed.)
• Ristorante Santo Stefano for a fantastic birthday dinner. David ordered a really great steak and I had one of the menu dinners with the fish.

Venice Tips:
1. Avoid all piddles in the street. (There are a ton of dogs in Venice.)
2. Save money by finding the €2 Traghesso Santo Sofia gondola ferry.
3. This is an everywhere tip, but buy bottled water from the grocery store. Instead of paying €3 or more, buy the 1 liter bottles for as little as €0,65!


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