SB14: Krk, Croatia

After exploring Škocjan Caves, we drove 70 miles south to the island of Krk. I heard some great things about Krk, and it was a good mid-point stop. It was just turning dark when we got to the island. We had a list of hostel and hotel options, but our lack of pre-booking gave us a big headache here. Because we were there during off-season (beginning of April), very few restaurants, shops, or hotels were open. We found one hotel, but the cost was ridiculous. We even considered sleeping in the van. We were all tired, hungry, and irritable. I started to feel like I ruined David’s birthday by suggesting Krk.

A man from one of the few places open helped us. He knew a little English and said there was a new hostel and pointed in a general direction. Krk was a maze of tiny streets and David and I set out to find it while everyone else stayed with the van. A few people were out walking, but none of them spoke English. Fortunately, a man knew where it was and walked us directly to the place.

Where we stayed
I don’t think Hostel Krk was actually open. The owner was in the middle of renovations, but he said we could stay in a room. The whole situation was laughable… I mean, we used our sheets for towels in the morning. I’m sure this place is awesome when it’s not under construction. The owner was super nice, and it was a deal. We paid $20 per person for the night. (We probably would have paid more just for a place to stay!) This is what we walked through to get to our room:


Hostel Krk


Where we ate
Our next challenge was to find a restaurant for David’s birthday dinner. After our luck in the previous cities, we weren’t hopeful, especially since it was around 10pm. I would have been happy with a McDonald’s. Instead, we found a pizza place called Volsonis. Volsonis was one of those happy surprises. The history behind the restaurant was fascinating. A couple bought a house and decided to renovate. In the process, they found an old stone brick. They had someone analyze it and soon after did some archeological exploration. They discovered the house was built on top of an old town. Not only that, but they found the tombstone of Volson, one of the city rulers of Krk. (It was creepy to go to the bathrooms – the basement was the tombstone area!)  And the pizza there  – delicious. I was so glad I didn’t ruin David’s birthday after all. If you visit Krk, you must eat at Volsonis. And check out the basement. (Sorry no photos, but check out their website.)

We spent the next morning walking around the island. We saw one tourist group, but other than that, Krk city was pretty quiet. I loved the narrow stone streets. We bought some pastries for breakfast and did a little shopping. I’d be okay with living on an island one day.


Krk Island Streets


Beautiful teal door


Building on Krk Island


Tomos Scooter against yellow wall


Being by the Adriatic Sea was a literal breath of fresh air. Even though the water was too cold for swimming, I was in love with this little island.


Krk Island


We grabbed lunch by the boardwalk. I got scampi and David got a massive hunk of tuna. There’s nothing like seafood by the sea!


Croatian Scampi


Krk Tuna


Being near the water puts me in a happy place:


Krk Lighthouse


So many shades of blue!


Water off of Krk Island


Krk Waters


It would have been nice to have seen some of the other cities around Krk (the island is only 156 square miles), but we needed to get going to our next city. Here we are crossing over the bridge that connected the island to the mainland:


Krk Bridge


The Croatian coastline is insanely beautiful. One of the best things about having a rental vehicle is that you can stop whenever you want. Here’s the only photo I got of our massive van:


Big van rental


Dear Croatian Coast – I’ll never forget you!


Croatian Coastline stop




Here’s a recap of the trip:
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» Day 3: Bled, Slovenia
» Day 4: Ljubjlana, Slovenia
» Day 4: Škocjan Caves Park, Slovenia
» Day 5: Krk, Croatia
» Day 6: Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
» Day 7: Split, Croatia


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