SB14: Škocjan Caves Park, Slovenia

After our morning in Ljubljana (still David’s birthday!), we drove 50 miles southwest to Škocjan Caves Park. The caves are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The visitor center was under construction, so our tickets were discounted. Also due to renovations, part of the caves were closed, but we got to see a different section that wasn’t usually part of the tour.

We piled into an elevator that took us down the hill closer to the entrance of the cave.


Elevator lift


Škocjan Caves Park


Cave cliffs


The caves were carved out by the Reka River:


Cave river


Outside the cave


Škocjan steps


Cave entrance


Škocjan Caves Plaque


We followed a trail of stairs up and back down a section of the caves. I think the tour guide said it was around 100 meters high where we stood. It was cool inside the cave, but not as cold as I thought it might be. Photography wasn’t allowed inside, but David accidentally took this one:


Inside Škocjan Caves Park


It was interesting to see the structures and ledges the early explorers used. There was a super old bridge high above where we walked. Amazingly, very few people died exploring the Škocjan Caves. Young boys did a lot of the initial explorations. They were good at squeezing through tight spots and climbing the walls.

You can see a 360 degree virtual tour on the cave’s website.


Us at Škocjan Caves Park




After the caves, we walked to a lookout point that had a fantastic view of the valley:


Caves and river


Škocjan Caves Park


We love to explore a balance of both city and nature when we travel, and we really liked the caves.

After a few hours at Škocjan Caves Park, we drove back to Croatia. Our lack of pre-planning caused a few troubles in Krk…


Here’s a recap of the trip:
» Day 1 & 2: Zagreb, Croatia
» Day 3: Bled, Slovenia
» Day 4: Ljubjlana, Slovenia
» Day 4: Škocjan Caves Park, Slovenia
» Day 5: Krk, Croatia
» Day 6: Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
» Day 7: Split, Croatia


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