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    Basketball Spirit Week

    Last week our school had three spirit days before the girls and boys basketball tournament.

    Wednesday was Hat Day! One of our friends gave David a fake beard and he turned it into hair:


    David with Detroit hat and wig


    I wore a hat in support of my alma mater:


    Harding hat


    Both the elementary and secondary students loved hat day! I was so happy to see so many participate:


    Sisters in hats


    Hat day


    Reading on hat day


    Mickey Mouse ears


    Thursday was Tacky Sweater Day. I didn’t take as many photos this day. I wish I had gotten one of David! One of our friends told me they couldn’t help but laugh when they saw him disciplining a student while wearing one of my cardigans.


    Tacky sweater day


    Tacky sweater day


    We also had a pep assembly on Thursday. See the cute sign my cheerleaders made?


    Atrium pep assembly


    My friend coordinated a sock toss game:


    Blindfolding for a game


    Sock toss game


    Friday was a half day and School Colors Day. The kids played in the basketball tournament on Friday and Saturday. There was a great turnout of teachers, students, and families. The teams played really hard! The girls placed third and the boys placed sixth. We also had some All-Tournament players.


    Boy playing basketball


    Teacher cheering sports


    Basketball girl shooting


    My cheerleaders had a BLAST! I loved seeing how much the crowd enjoyed their spirit.


    Elementary cheerleaders


    It was a fun and busy weekend!



    Spirit Week

    Even though we had Monday off, last week was a busy week! I helped two other teachers plan our school’s first ever spirit week. The spirit week led up to the big basketball tournament on Friday and Saturday. I designed a poster we hung around school:


    Spirit Week Poster


    Tuesday was dress as a fictional character day. David purchased a Cat in the Hat costume when he student-taught kindergarten and we brought the hat with us to Turkey. I stole it from him, because what better costume could a librarian have? David was inspired by a Halloween costume his brother and sister-in-law made a couple of years ago and dressed as Mr. Incredible.


    Cat in the Hat and Mr. Incredible


    Some of the teachers enjoyed dressing up just as much as the kids:


    Teachers on Character Day


    The kids were pretty cute, too:




    Wednesday was aluminum foil day:




    The elementary kids were especially creative:




    Thursday was twin/triplet/etc. day:




    We had families dress alike:


    Twin Day Family


    And students dress like teachers:


    Twin day with crazy hair


    Fun fact… our school has four sets of twins this year! Since I’m the yearbook teacher, I had to get a photo of the real twins on twin day:


    Twins on twin day


    Also on Thursday, we had our first ever school pep assembly. Our school is designed around an atrium, so we had students line the terraces. The coaches announced the basketball teams and my cheerleaders performed!






    Pep assembly


    Friday was school colors day:




    The basketball players left early on Friday to go to the tournament, and the rest of the school let out a couple of hours early too so we could attend the games. It was a successful spirit week!