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    Owl Themed Baby Shower Invitations

    Babies have taken over my news feeds, and there are many more on the way! I was so excited when I found out earlier this year that my best friend was pregnant! Vicki and I have been friends since junior high, and she claims responsibility for matchmaking David and me.

    It looks like timing will be perfect and her baby girl will be born while we’re still in the States this summer. I can’t wait! Vicki is the most adorable pregnant lady. We’ve kept up through Skype and she posts weekly bump photos. She and her husband Rusty had a gender reveal party not too long ago. I so wish I could have been there:


    Cutting their gender reveal cake... it's a girl!


    At vicki and Rusty's baby gender reveal party. It's a girl!


    I’ve had the honor of designing wedding invitations for several of my friends. Now that I think about it, Vicki was the first person to ask me to design wedding invites. And now she gets the first baby shower invitations!

    Vicki’s been loving owls lately. She also told me she plans to use the fabric she used for her sash in my wedding for something in the nursery. When her sister asked if I’d design the invitations, I was reminded of a cute illustration I purchased off of iStockphoto. I made some color adjustments, added in some pretty type, and ta da!


    Owl themed baby shower invitation.


    {Please note that I changed the date and address so I could post it on the web!}

    This will be such a fun summer!


    We Have A New Nephew!

    Horray! We are excited to announce the birth of our nephew Jonah Joseph Benedict! Jonah was born yesterday, January 24 at 7:11 MST. He is the first grandchild for David’s mom and dad. We are so happy for David’s brother Joe and his wife Brittany.

    Isn’t he a cutie?


    Our nephew Jonah was born yesterday!


    I like to design birth stats for friends and family with my favorite fonts:


    Jonah Birth Stats


    We can’t wait to meet him in person!



    Update: We got to meet him through video chat! Technology is awesome.


    Meeting Jonah through video chat



    A Benedict 2012 Infograph

    Happy New Year’s Day!

    We flew back to Turkey on December 28 to give ourselves some time to get over jetlag before school started. We spent the past few days in Istanbul and came back to Ankara this afternoon.

    We’ll hopefully have a few posts about our Christmas and New Years up soon. For now, here’s an infograph of our 2012! I saw several great year in review designs on Pinterest, and was inspired to design one for ourselves.


    2012 In Review Infograph



    Creating Chimeras

    I teach a Computer Graphic Design class comprised of mostly 11th and 12th graders. We started the semester learning about vectors and branding, and then moved onto raster graphics. Our school uses Gimp, a photo editing program similar to Photoshop.

    When I took a design class in high school, we created chimeras. I thought my students would enjoy the project, too.

    A chimera is a Greek mythological creature made up of parts from a lion, goat, and snake. It was mentioned in Homer’s Illiad. Today, the term chimera describes any fictional animal made of 2 or more animal parts.

    My students had to use parts from at least 3 different animals. They mostly used layer masks and color adjustments to create their chimeras.

    They are a very talented group of students, and I am very proud of them!


    Chimera created by an OIS Ankara student


    Chimera created by an OIS Ankara student


    Chimera created by an OIS Ankara student


    Chimera created by an OIS Ankara student


    Chimera created by an OIS Ankara student


    Chimera created by an OIS Ankara student


    Chimera created by an OIS Ankara student


    Chimera created by an OIS Ankara student


    Chimera created by an OIS Ankara student


    Which one was your favorite?