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    Welcome to the World, Claire!

    We’re an aunt and uncle again! Our nephew Jonah got a new sister January 8. Congrats, Joe and Brittany!

    We can’t wait to meet baby Claire this summer! 🙂

    Isn’t she beautiful?!


    Baby Claire


    Claire Birth Stats



    We Have A New Nephew!

    Horray! We are excited to announce the birth of our nephew Jonah Joseph Benedict! Jonah was born yesterday, January 24 at 7:11 MST. He is the first grandchild for David’s mom and dad. We are so happy for David’s brother Joe and his wife Brittany.

    Isn’t he a cutie?


    Our nephew Jonah was born yesterday!


    I like to design birth stats for friends and family with my favorite fonts:


    Jonah Birth Stats


    We can’t wait to meet him in person!



    Update: We got to meet him through video chat! Technology is awesome.


    Meeting Jonah through video chat