Life Lately

Here’s a quick look at the past two weeks.

David has been co-coaching the boys volleyball team again this fall. Last weekend was their first tournament on the base. They lost their Friday match, but won their Saturday match. It was fun cheering on the kids and getting some American treats from the Base Exchange.


Volleyball huddle


Volleyball game


I discovered our local grocery store now occasionally carries my favorite Turkish pastry called çikolatalı kesme. It’s has something best described as a chocolate cinnamon roll filling:


Çikolata kesme


David decided to be like Grandpa and make fridge pickles:


David making pickles


Look! I’m propagating succulents! I’m kind of obsessed with them now. I purchased another one for my desk at work. They’re such cute, happy plants.


Plant Propagating


David helped organize the first annual Staff Olympics that was this Saturday. It was like field day, but for adults with a few of the staff kids. There was a pass the hula hoop game, tug of war, a field hockey relay, a frisbee toss, and a handball tournament.


Staff Olypmics Tug of War


There was even a trophy:


Staff Olypmics Trophy


I was on Team Awesome. We placed second:


Staff Olypmics


David placed third with Team Staff Infection:


Staff Olypmics


Happy Sunday!


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