DIY Frame Jewelry Holder

Now that we’ve settled into the new place, I’ve been trying to add more decorations to make our apartment more of a home. One thing I wanted to make since last year was some kind of jewelry holder. I’d finally gotten tired enough of having everything lying on my dresser, so we stopped into Bauhaus in Cepa mall. (Bauhaus is kind of like a Lowe’s and Home Depot.)

I found the perfect supplies! Here’s what I used:

First, I trimmed the cork with scissors so it fit inside the frame. My cheap-o frame didn’t come with glass, so it made it even easier to place the cork.

David was gone one evening, so I put on a movie and started screwing in the hooks. It was a lot harder than I thought it’d be. We have a mallet hammer, but when I hit too hard it warped the hooks. The frame was quite tough to hand drill into, and we don’t own many tools here. I finally managed to screw in all 7 hooks.


Hardware hooks for necklaces


Only a few were warped:


Hardware hooks for necklaces


Next, I attached the Command Picture Hanging Strips. All of the walls in our apartment are concrete. You cannot nail or even easily drill into concrete. I was quite pleased when I found these. Depending on the size and how many you use, they can hold up to 10 pounds.


Command Picture Hanging Strips


They attach together kind of like velcro:


Command Picture Hanging Strips


I followed the directions. You have to wait an hour after you attach the strips to the wall.


Attaching command strips


After I reattached the frame to the strips, I stuck some sewing pins into the cork. I’m sure you can find cute push pins in the States, but I all I could find in Turkey were bright plastic ones. So sewing pins it was:


Sewing pins


I used the pins to hang my rings. Once I had the pins placed, it was time to load it up!


Framed cork jewelry hanger


I didn’t bring a ton of jewelry with me overseas, but my new jewelry holder fits what I have perfectly:


Necklace hooks


Ring holder


I’m super happy with it! I might try to paint something on the cork later. I didn’t hang any earrings because I have a pretty bowl I use for those. If you wanted to, it would be super easy to attach a string across the top to hang dangly earrings.


Frame jewelry holder


The whole project cost around 25 TL, which is about $13 USD. The Command Strips were the most expensive piece of supplies. Hooray for craftiness!


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