Spring in Ankara

Spring has arrived in Ankara! When we left for break on March 23rd, it was snowing. When we got back on the 29th, it was almost 70 degrees!

We are loving the warmer weather. The kids love it, too. There are lots of flowers blooming and falling off the trees. A kindergartener was handing out blossoms she found on the playground one morning. Another day, I looked out he window and saw a lot of white fluttering in the air. I was worried for a second that it was snow!

David went on a hike in the forest earlier this week and took some pretty photos.


Ankara forest


I don’t know what kind of trees these are, but they’re beautiful. They kind of look like apple blossoms, but I’m not sure.


Flower blossoms on a tree


On his hike, David met a turtle friend. Two turtles, actually. But the two turtles were not friends. He thought they were fighting over territory.




Spring blossom


Trees blooming in Ankara


We will post soon about our spring break travels to Amsterdam and Bruges!

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