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    A Morning in Grand Rapids, Michigan

    My mom had a meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan and invited David and me to come along. Grand Rapids is less than an hour and a half from where we live. While she was in her meeting, we killed some time around the downtown area. We had breakfast at Bagel Beanery, which had delicious bagels, cream cheese, and coffee.

    After figuring out how to get to it, we stopped at La Grande Vitesse. It’s a beautiful steel sculpture by American artist Alexander Calder located in front of Grand Rapids City Hall.


    Grand Rapids, Michigan City Hall


    La Grande Vitesse


    La Grande Vitesse


    La Grande Vitesse


    La Grande Vitesse


    La Grande Vitesse


    After that, we walked through the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Ford was from Grand Rapids and was the 38th president of the United States. He was appointed after Nixon resigned. I learned a lot about the Watergate scandal from walking through the museum.


    Gerald Ford Museum


    They had fun memorabilia from the 1970’s.  Pet rock, anyone?


    Pet Rock in Gerald Ford Museum


    I thought these invitations were funny. They were for Gerald Ford’s wedding brunch. The options for “unable to come” are:

      • My wife is pregnant
      • I am in jail
      • I am a Democrat
      • The bank foreclosed
      • I am going hunting
      • Never could stand Ford
      • I am reading the Kinsey Report


    Gerald Ford Brunch Invitation


    It’s kind of fun being a tourist in your home state!


    Presidential Seal - Gerald Ford Museum