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    Ice Skating Field Trip

    I have really enjoyed teaching my sixth grade students this year. My class is hard working and full of energy. A few weeks ago, we went on a field trip to Lozanpark Buz Pisti (Lozanpark Ice Rink).

    Now, ice skating is something fairly common to a Michigander like myself. However, some of my kids are from countries with a warm climate and several had never even seen an ice skating rink before.


    Falling down


    Prior to the field trip, we took an in depth look at ice skating from a scientific perspective. I introduced Newton’s laws of motion and we discussed how these related to ice skating. We also watched a National Geographic I Didn’t Know That video that discussed the possible reasons why ice skating works. The kids were excited and talkative on the bus ride to the rink.


    Ice skating in the rink



    We had forty minutes of skate time. I was impressed. Everyone attempted to skate and the students were so good at helping each other. We had lots of fun falling down, getting back up, and sliding around the ice. At the end of the forty minutes, we were all worn out.


    Group shot


    Silly group shot


    After taking off our skates and an intense game of tabletop foosball, we headed to a local mall for lunch.


    Conquered skating!


    I was so impressed by the way the students conducted themselves. They followed directions, got along with one another, and were smiling and laughing throughout the entire trip.


    Ready to skate


    It was refreshing to spend time with my students outside of the formal classroom setting. I enjoy my time in the classroom, but events like these give me a chance to connect with my students in a more personal way. It’s often easy to get distracted by the regimented schedule. I forget how important it is to show my students I enjoy having fun just like them. While I still maintained the position of teacher, I had a blast goofing off on the ice and laughing with my students when we ran into each other or fell down.


    Massage chairs



    Field Trip to Feza Gürsey Science Center

    Recently, the fifth and sixth grade classes went to the Feza Gürsey Science Center at Altınpark. When we first arrived, we were treated to a presentation on static electricity. This was a lot of fun and several of the students touched a static electricity generator that made their hair go frizzy. I especially enjoyed the presentation because it centered around material we had just covered in class. The students were very entertained by the presentation and loved seeing their friends’ hair rise up.


    Hair raising


    During the presentation, two students went up to show how humans are good conductors of electricity (due to 70% of the human body being made up of water). These two were embarrassed when the man presenting required them to hold hands and typical adolescent giggles followed among their friends.


    Hair raising


    After the presentation, students walked around and participated in a variety of hands on exhibits. There was a phosphoric wall, many reaction time experiments, momentum explorations, and energy exhibits. It was not hard to keep the students entertained and they were disappointed when our time was up.


    Altinpark Science Center


    Although the students were disappointed to leave the exhibits, they soon were enjoying time in the park with friends. We finished the trip off with ice cream for everyone. Some students brought extra money and treated themselves or friends to extra treats.


    Ice cream


    Picnic lunch


    Soon it was time to head back to the school. I am so glad that we were able to take this field trip. As I said before, much of the material we covered this year in class was demonstrated at the science center. My students benefited from the hands-on learning experience and time spent with their friends. I benefited from the time spent outside the classroom with my students.


    The sixth grade