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    Goodbye, Blue

    I had to say goodbye to one of my oldest and dearest friends on Saturday. My sister had been taking care of our cat and he got very sick. The vet said he most likely had a stroke. He was 19 years old.

    I first met Blue in Arkansas at my grandma’s house. Blue and his litter were born just a couple of weeks before we got there. There was a gray kitten, a black kitten, and three brown ones. My cousin, sister, and I spent two weeks doting on them. I was 8 and Mary was 5. I fell in love and Blue was my favorite. At the time, we called him Baby Blue because his eyes were blue and his fur was so silvery-gray it was almost blue. Grandma called him Blue Boy. At the end of our visit, I remember backing out of Grandma’s driveway crying and crying.


    Gray cat


    By some miracle, we finally convinced Mom and Dad to let us get a pet other than a fish. Mom went to visit Grandma later that year and brought Blue back with her. We were beyond excited and I carried him through the terminal.

    I wish I had more pictures of his kitten days. We have oh so many, but that was before things went digital. My mom took a photo of one of the photos and sent it to me… this is Mary playing tea party with water and Blue:


    Mary having a tea party with a kitten


    He was a cultured cat – he always came into the music room when I was practicing. I’ll never forget how he’d wince when I played a sour note on the violin. Ha!

    I guess he used up all of his nine lives. He’s fallen off the roof because of a window screen popping out and lived the last decade with kidney disease. Sometimes I thought Mom might kill him because he broke too many of her hens on a nest and Christmas ornaments. Even though he drove us crazy sometimes, he was a major part of my childhood and our family and I will miss him very much.

    Blue had a white heart on his tummy:


    Gray cat heart tummy


    Leah with her cat


    Gray cat lounging


    Gray cat in the light


    David and Blue


    This was the last time I saw him in December 2014:


    Leah's last time with Blue


    The vet made a paw print for my sister after they put him down. Such a sweet gesture.


    Blue's pawprint


    Goodbye, Blue Babe. I’ll miss you.



    Farm Kitty

    David’s family has one cat. He’s had a couple of different names, but the one that stuck was “King Kitty.” He truly rules the roost. He’s a funny farm cat.


    John Deere Kitty


    King Kitty has one of the most relaxed personalities of any cat I’ve met. Ever since he was a kitten, he’d let you pick him up, hold him, or move him anywhere. One time, one of David’s brothers set him in the middle of a blanket, grabbed all of the edges, and threw it over his shoulder like a bag. King Kitty didn’t mind. Once he set the blanket back down and unfolded the edges, the cat just stretched out like nothing had happened.


    We found him snoozing on one of the tractors the other day. He was curious when I came over to take a photo and walked down the tire to say hello:


    Farm Cat


    Farm Cat


    Farm Cat