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    Happy First Birthday to our Nephew Jonah!

    Dear Jonah,

    We can’t believe it’s already your first birthday! We hope you have a very happy day. We can’t wait to see you and meet your little sister this summer. Uncle David and Aunt Leah love you!


    Us and Jonah



    Happy 89th Birthday, Gramps!

    Happy birthday, Grandpa! David’s grandpa turns 89 today! He is amazing. Not everyone starts a business at age 60 and semi-retires in their late 80’s. Grandpa still loves to work on the farm and he’s sharp as a tack with a great sense of humor. We love you, Gramps!




    Grandpa on the Gator


    We just got back from a week long vacation. Our school was off because of the Kurban Bayramı holiday and we traveled to Ireland with two of our friends. More to come on that soon!


    Happy Birthday, Ethan!

    Happy FIRST birthday to one of the sweetest, smiley-est nephews around. We wish we could be there to celebrate with you! We love you, Ethan!


    Ethan, our nephew



    Happy 25th Birthday, David!

    My Dear David,

    Happy birthday!!!

    Can you believe the past year?! You finished your first year of teaching, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we moved across the world, and have traveled thousands and thousands of miles.


    Photo of David and Leah in Amsterdam, Netherlands


    I am privledged and proud to be your wife! I hope I keep you laughing and smiling as much as you do for me.

    Here’s to our many more adventures!

    I love you!



    25th Birthday Loot

    The last day of January was my 25th birthday. The boys did a great job of making it special!

    David made me breakfast in the morning and also gave me presents.


    My 25th birthday presents


    He was most excited for me to open the personalized calligraphed plate. There is a company called İstanbul Kaligrafi that has a kiosk in Kentpark mall. We’ve passed by it several times, and I always stop to watch them draw the calligraphy. David was so sweet to get me one! It is beautiful piece of art we will display for years to come.


    Turkish Calligraphy personalized decorative plate


    David got a photo of the man drawing:


    Istanbul Kaligrafi


    And Daniel took a video:



    The boys got me another work of art – this lovely chocolate and pistachio cake. It was super delicious and came with candles and sparklers. (The sparklers were a little dangerous and did not blow out!)


    Birthday cake made in Turkey


    To top it all off, two of my students got me a beautiful scarf and glove set and I received several sweet cards. I am one spoiled girl!



    Happy Birthday, Leah!

    Six years ago I sent a 6-pack of customized Jones Soda bottles as a birthday present to a girl that had piqued my interest. Since then time has flown by and I have become best friends with that same girl.


    Customized Jones Soda bottles with our photo on it.


    Leah is a better wife than I deserve and I’m so happy we will spend the rest of our lives adventuring together. I’m thankful for how God has blessed us thus far and am looking forward to what he has in store!

    Happy Birthday, Leah!