Seoul Lantern Festival

There are special events ALL the time in Seoul. We’ve had a couple busy weeks and the weather has been rainy off and on, but there was a clear night last night so we went to check out the Seoul Lantern Festival!

The festival started November 5 and is on display until November 22 this year. The lanterns begin at Cheonggyecheon Plaza (청계광장) and go a little over a kilometer down to Supyogyo Bridge. You can see them illuminated from 5 to 11 pm. This is the seventh year Seoul has hosted the lantern festival and the theme is “Illuminated Seoul Tour.”

These are so much more than paper lanterns! (They’re not paper… or there’s some sort of coating, anyways.) See for yourself:


Rainbow Bridge


Building lanterns


Seoul lantern palace


Child looking at lantern


Can you believe the detail and dimensions of this one?


Lantern detail


Bukchon Hanok Village Sign


Lanterns of Korean children


Fish lanterns


Some people paid to customize floating lanterns. I guess you make a wish and send it down the stream:


Floating lanterns


Floating lanterns pink and orange


David at Seoul Lantern Festival


Hanging lanterns under bridge


Bridge, lanterns, and reflections


Cheonggyecheon stream and lanterns


There were several exit points along the way. We indulged in some street food:


Street food vendor


One of the treats we got was a pancake folded in this paper cup. I got a kick out of the writing on it. “Espresso of Street. When I walk on the street with my coffee, I feel so good and happy. Magical thing! It’s a cup of coffee.” Ha!


Food vendor cup funny saying


Leah under bridge


Lantern man


Animal lanterns


And what lantern festival would be complete without… Mount Rushmore?


Mount Rushmore lantern


These photos weren’t even half of the displays! There were several Korean cartoon characters, a giant make-up display, illuminated bridges, and more. It’s definitely worth checking out! (Plus, it’s free!)

For more information, check out these websites:

Which one was your favorite?


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