Fall Colors in Seoul

We hadn’t seen a truly colorful fall since we lived in Virginia. I think it made me appreciate this fall even more. The trees started changing at the beginning of October and have been showing off ever since. I’ve loved the reds, yellows, oranges, and everything inbetween.


Fall colors in Seoul


Bush burning with fall colors


There are sycamore trees near the school that dropped leaves larger than our heads!


Leah with Sycamore leaf face


We went walking one evening and I took in the most wonderful breath of musty fallen leaves. It was like being home in the woods. However, we’ve encountered a new smell in Korea: the pungent ginkgo berries. They litter the ground and make our shoes smell like vomit. I think they drop earlier in the season, so there are not as many on the ground now. We heard the city hired some 400 workers to harvest the berries before they dropped because they upset and annoyed people.


Ginkgo berries


Colorful trees line a Seoul road


We are a short walk from Namsan Park, which is so great. It’s an appreciated escape in the big city. The leaves are stunning right now!


Ginkgo leaves and fence shadows


Bright red leaves


Colors in Namsan Park


Burning red tree


Yellow in Namsan Park


Gingko yellow tree


Have you ever seen magenta berries like these? I’m not sure what kind of plant this is!


Purple berries


Red berries


This was on my walk to the school. It was like the leaves knew how to organize themselves:


Red leaves and yellow leaves


Red-orange leaf against blue concrete


David brought home a rainbow of leaves one day:


Gradient found leaves


I hope you’ve had a colorful fall, too!


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