My Farewell Speech

We attended our end of the year staff banquet last Saturday. It is typical for teachers who are leaving to share a word with the group. It has been a hard few weeks thinking about leaving our home in the Middle East. I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the things I’ve learned while living in Turkey the past three years. Here is the abridged version.


David and Leah dressed up


Things I’ve Learned While in Turkey:

  1. Goodbyes are the worst.
  2. Assumptions can ruin a fresh perspective.
  3. Humility is best learned where you are totally uncomfortable.
  4. Vegetables in America are not as good.
  5. Plastic forks in Turkey don’t taste good.
  6. Wash your veggies.
  7. Eggs don’t have to stay refrigerated.
  8. The milk that’s sold at room temperature won’t kill you.
  9. Everything at the bakkal costs iki buçuk.
  10. When teaching Bible, it’s good to establish the proper pronunciation of condemnation: “There is no now constipation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”
  11. The world is not such a small world after all. There are many lost who need to hear the word.
  12. The best way to get rid of a dog that is chasing you is to kick it in the face.
  13. Travel is my refresh button.
  14. Establishing a good work/home balance is important.
  15. Camel köfte is a little bit tough.
  16. European football isn’t all that bad. American football is still awesome.
  17. The librarian is a hotty.
  18. Some students who appear to have it all would rather spend all of their time at school because of the love shown there that they can’t access anywhere else.
  19. Be prepared for the shock that ensues when a student asks you if his cat is asexual.
  20. Tear gas really does make you cry.
  21. It is selfish to worry about my students as I leave. It is beneficial to pray for them.
  22. I spend a lot of time in the car in America.
  23. Speeding laws are enforced in Turkey.
  24. Intestine cooked on a rotisserie is actually not that bad.
  25. Just give in to the personifications of the school printers. Also, both Fred and Wilma have staple functions.
  26. Greg won’t go to the hamam.
  27. Short on the sides and long on the top means a mohawk.
  28. Usually, conflict starts with people hearing the same thing, but having different interpretations. Talking about these interpretations can solve a world of problems.
  29. The Turkish Airlines cheese sandwiches are awesome.
  30. Snow tubing with me is dangerous.
  31. Sometimes when you play soccer at recess, a bicycle kick results in torn pants from your knee to your belt.
  32. 20 seconds of awkwardness could make an eternity of difference. Take advantage of every opportunity.
  33. Family and home are relative.
  34. Goodbyes are really just see-you-laters.


Friends at the banquet


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