Paris: Musée du Louvre

Spring Break Day Two: Paris Part One
We woke up to a wet and rainy Parisian morning. Fortunately I had packed an umbrella and our AirBnB host had left us another. We had chocolate croissants and coffee at a cafe, then headed straight to the Louvre.


Paris building


Paris red chairs


Our friend gave us a Louvre tip and we felt like we were cheating. Most people want to enter the Louvre through the pyramid. Even with all the rain, the line was long and winding. However, there is a back entrance. There was no line at all and we walked right up to the counter to purchase tickets. (Go outside the courtyard and find the lion statues to get to the other entrance.) We walked through the Denon wing and exited the museum through the pyramid.

The Louvre is amazing! Everywhere you look… left, right, up, down, there is something to see.


David outside the Louvre


Louvre: Pyramid


Head statue


Arcimbolodo painting


It was crazy around the Mona Lisa (structured, personal-space-honoring European crazy). It was exciting to see her in person. I would have loved to have been able to sit down and hang out with her for a while.


Louvre: Leah with the Mona Lisa


Louvre: Mona Lisa


Louvre: Elaborate ceiling


Louvre: Leah with Winged Vicotry in background


Louvre: Winged Victory


Louvre: Venus


We brought a small container of Benedict Family Maple on our trip and got a little silly with a marketing idea. You’re welcome to join our #wheredoyoumaple movement. (Check out the Benedict Family Maple Instagram, too!) Our caption for the photo below: She may have a heart of stone, but she can’t resist the all natural taste of Benedict Family Maple syrup.


Louvre: Statue with Benedict Family Maple


David inside the Louvre pyramid


Inside the Louvre pyramid


After the Louvre, we visited the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Photos from that soon!


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