Runatolia Half Marathon

After our night in Antalya, we woke up early Sunday morning, ate breakfast, and got on the shuttle bus to the race start. This year, the race was called Runatolia. (David ran the 10k last year when it was called Runtalya.) We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. Antalya is just a beautiful place. The sky was clear and we could see the mountains.


Runatolia Garden sign


Two of our friends ran the half with David and our other friend ran her first full marathon. I love the energy at races. And it’s a great place to people watch. The race start is always such a sea of colors! There were over 6,000 runners this year.

David was very pleased with his time. I nearly missed him. I was chatting with Dale and we realized David was yelling at us as he flew towards the finish. It was the first time he had run a half marathon and he finished in 1:55:13. He finished 597th (out of 1,740) and 224th (out of 559) in his age group.


Turkish statue pouring water


Friends before the race


Shoe chips


Runatolia with mountains


Runatolia start


It was like a giant Where is Waldo page… but I found them:


Friends at race start


Dale waving


David running


David with his medal


Hannah running


Shawn at the finish


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