Students Say the Funniest Things: Part 5

Our international school has approximately 240 students. I see all of the elementary classes once a week for library. David has his sixth grade classroom and also sees many of the other elementary students for Bible, Character, and PE. Here are a few recent quotes:


Tourist Day



A first grader was telling me about Minecraft one morning:
“And today, I’m going to make a craft table. It’s easy breezy.”



An ESL student commenting on David’s marathon training:
“I sometimes see Mr. Benedict running passionately and quickly down the road.”



Elevator conversations with preschoolers:
Preschooler: “I know you and Mr. B live in the same house together!”
Me: “We do! Do you know why?”
Preschooler: “No…”
Me: “Because we’re married!”
Preschooler: “But boys don’t get married!”
Me: “Mr. B did. And so did your dad.”



Fourth grader: “Mrs. Benedict, do you have the Gent book series?”
Me: “No, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of those.”
Fourth grader: “They all end in gent. Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant.”



David had the preschoolers and kindergartners for a combined PE class. They were playing tug-of-war, and David explained the rules. “I will say one, two, three, and then you pull!” After he said that, a little boy came and stood next to him. He walked the boy back over the rope. Ok, everyone ready? I am going to say “One, two, three, pull!” The boy came back over to David. And then it clicked… The boy’s name was Paul. In his home country’s accent, it sounds very close to “pull.” David walked him to the rope again and said, “Ok, Paul. Pull!”



Kindergartners during computers class comparing the levels of the game they were playing:
Boy: “I’m on the ninth!”
Girl: “I’m on the twoth!”



A first grader brought David a basketball to pump up with air.
Boy: “This ball no bounce good.”



One of the kindergartners who is learning English told me one morning:
“Today is my baby’s birthday!”  (a younger sibling)



This wasn’t from one of our students, but I feel like it could have been. My friend told me about it and she heard it from one of her friends. It’s a sweet story that gives insight to what life is like for TCKs.…

A young girl came home from her international school. (The family was from the States, but had lived abroad for most of the girl’s life.) The girl was so excited to tell her mother about a new student. It was a boy! They played together at recess! They had lots of fun!

Where is your new friend from?” Mom asked.
“I don’t know,” the girl replied.
“Well, what does he look like? Does he have dark skin? Light skin?” Mom asked.
“I… I don’t know!” the girl said. “I forgot to check!”



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