Snow Day!

Winters in Michigan bring a number of snow days. (Sometimes even cold days for negative wind chills.) One winter, my aunt and uncle from Texas came to visit. They were so amused by the fact that we needed to shovel snow off of our back porch to relieve some of the weight. My uncle was also tickled by the term “lake effect snow.” It takes a LOT of snow for a snow day in Michigan. Snow trucks and ice trucks and scraper attachments for pickup trucks are a way of life.

Now that I’m a teacher and living in Turkey, snow still has a magical effect.


Snow on window sill


Instead of running to the TV to watch bottom of the news channel, we run to our computers and check our emails and the school website. The last two years were very disappointing with hardly any snow at all. But this year! Today was snow day number FOUR!

There are BIG, fluffy flakes! It’s like sitting in a snow globe.


Snowy street


Snow on window pane


Snowing by the school


I ran errands on Tuesday and stopped by our little neighborhood flower shop and got these beauties. Hooray for a day of rest and for beautiful views both outside and inside. Here’s (“secretly”) hoping for another snow day tomorrow!


Pink Gerber Daisy and white flowers


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  • Reply Holly McKee

    Two of my favorite flowers! Gerbera and freesia. Freesia smell so good!

    February 19, 2015 at 4:08 pm
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