Ulus with Mom

After checking out the Roman ruins, we began the uphill walk to the castle. The foundations of castle were laid by the Galatians and later completed by the Romans.


Ankara castle on a hill


There were lots of shops and restaurants along the way:


Outdoor seating


We took Mom to Certioğlu Konağı Kafeterya for lunch. Something feels so authentic about sitting on the floor cushions and eating off of the Anatolian-style copper tables.


Eating lunch on the floor


We ordered manti, potato gözleme, and içli köfte. And for dessert? Honey walnut gözleme. Yum.


Turkish food for lunch


After lunch, we went up to the castle. It was cold! We had our first snowfall last week. The snow in town didn’t last longer than a day or two, but the mountains in the distance were still snow capped:


Ankara snowline


Mom and Leah at the castle


Castle window


The view from the castle is one of the best! (Although, we’re also partial to the view from our apartment). We spent the rest of our afternoon shopping. It was a lot of fun showing Mom around Ulus.


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    Looks an wonderful place to visit with family and love ones…glad you shared your experience of this place with us…

    December 5, 2014 at 2:12 am
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