Istanbul Marathon 2014

After a day of exploring the sites, we stopped by the Istanbul Marathon Expo Center to pick up our race packets. There was a fancy countdown on the outside of the building:


Istanbul Marathon Expo Center


David outside the expo center


Inside were lots of athletic vendors, a pasta station, and an art exhibit of student work. Their drawings and interpretation of the marathon were impressive!


Istanbul Marathon art


Runners with their numbers


We woke up early on Sunday morning for the race. Our group of friends were the FIRST people on the shuttle buses out of the Sultanahmet area. We were proud of ourselves for that.


At the race start


They had updated race start area with landscaping. You can see some of it behind the chestnut man’s head:


Man roasting chestnuts


Seven teachers ran: two in the marathon, four in the 15k, and one in the 10k. Mom and I walked the 10k. Here are their shoe chips:


Runners with their shoes and chips


Istanbul 10k Start


It was drizzly all day, but it was still amazing to walk across the Bosporus Bridge:


Bosphorus Bridge


Bosphorus Bridge


There were a ridiculous number of participants this year. This photo is looking back at the Bosporus Bridge. Even at our slow place, the bridge still had a long trail of people:


View of Bosphorus Bridge


The Istanbul Marathon is the only intercontinental race. You start in Asia and end in Europe!


Welcome to Europe sign


Leah and mom at welcome to Europe sign


The walk is a great way to take in the city:


Rainbow stairs in Istanbul


We made it back to Sultanahmet just in time to watch David finish his second marathon. Check out those calves!


David finishing his second marathon


David cut over 25 minutes from his time from last year! He finished in 4:02:04. I am so proud of him and all of the hard work, time, and training he put in to run 26.2 MILES!


Marathon finisher!


After the race, we flew back to Ankara and Mom flew to Izmir for a Seven Churches of Revelation tour. It was a great weekend!


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