Fall Carnival 2014

Our school hosted its annual Fall Carnival last month. Each grade creates a game and there’s tickets and candy prizes. It’s a fun time for our students, their families, and the community.


Fishing game




Pin the nose on the pumpkin


Many kids wore Halloween costumes:


Pumpkin decorating


David’s sixth grade class ran the Toilet Toss again this year:


David's class


Toilet toss


And Fall Carnival wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the international cafe for some treats:


International Cafe


I am a senior class sponsor this year. It’s tradition for the seniors to create a Spooky House. With only six seniors, they had to get creative… and they did a fantastic job! Their theme was “Let Me Out” and was centered around an abandoned insane asylum. They had cardboard tunnels for people to crawl through:


Cardboard tunnel


They made some creepy decorations. During the Carnival, they kept the room mostly dark with a few soft lights.


Seniors decorating


We tore up pages of discarded books from the library and scattered them around:


Spooky house floor


They also found this dirty old toy and stuck a child-sized skeleton on it. They called him Kevin:


Frankie skeleton


There was also Barbra, the winged lady. Her bottom half sat around another part of the room.




The Spooky House was a hit and several students went through it multiple times. It was a fun night!


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