Students Say the Funniest Things: Part 4

Our international school has approximately 230 preschool through 12th grade students. I see all of the elementary classes once a week for library and some high school students for an elective. David has his sixth grade class and also sees many of the elementary kids for Bible, Character, and PE. Here are some quotes from the past few months.


Mismatched kids



In the Korea, I will miss you forever.” — Preschool student at the end of last year. Her family moved back to Korea. 🙁



Preschooler: “I want to go to the Japan because the mother is in the Japan.”
Me: “I think I’ve seen your mom recently. Do you mean your grandmother?”
Preschooler: “Yes, the mother.”



Mrs. B, we like informational books. Do you have any informational books?” — Kindergarteners last year. The boys especially loved science books!



Before school, a preschooler was singing along to himself.
Me: “What are you singing?”
Preschooler: “The uh oh snail.”
Me: “Is that from a movie or TV show?”
Preschooler: “My brother taught it to me. The uh oh snail! The uh oh snail!”



First grader: “If I had another piece of paper I’d use it in this hand to fly [down the stairs]… But I think you need feathers for that.”
Me: “Probably. But it’d still be fun.”
First grader: “Yeah, SO fun!”



I had the kindergartners for library. I asked them what letter they learned about that day, and they told me the letter B. I said, “Hey! Like me! Mrs. Benedict! Mrs. B!”
K5: “Oh yeah! Miss B!”
Me: “And Mr. B, too.”
K5 girl: “Are you married?”
Me: “Yes, I am.”
K5 girl: “PPPPPPFFFF! You can’t be married.”
Me: “Oh no? Why not?”
K5 girl: “Cause you’re a library girl. Library girls don’t get married.”



David had the first and second graders for character class. He was using toothpaste as an illustration. He showed the tube to them and asked the kids what it was.
Kids: “Toothpaste!”
First Grader: “I like to EAT that stuff!”
The student continued to say how they wanted to eat the toothpaste throughout the lesson.



Preschooler: “I have to look down to watch my feet so I can practice my walking. When I’m five, I don’t have to practice any more.”



There is a preschooler who’s first language is Turkish. She is in the process of learning English this year. She heard the other kids calling David “Mista B” and started referring to him as ağabi (pronounced ahh-bee), which is a respectful term meaning “older brother.” So cute!



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