Lightning Strikes

We’ve had a few thunderstorms in Ankara the past two weeks. I love the storms because they bring cooler weather and clear the air!

David gets excited when there’s a storm because he loves to photograph lightning. He shared a post during our first year in Turkey of lightning photos he took with his point-and-shoot camera. Since then, we’ve moved 9 stories higher and got a nicer camera. Here’s a few shots from the August 28 storm:


Ankara lightning5 sec, F4, ISO 125, 18 mm


Ankara lightning4 sec, F5, ISO 320, 18 mm


Ankara lightning5 sec, F4, ISO 125, 18mm


Ankara lightning30 sec, F18, ISO 400, 18 mm


Ankara lightning5 sec, F4, ISO 125, 18 mm


Ankara lightning10 sec, F8, ISO 400, 24 mm


We have rain in the forecast for this week, too. Bring it on!


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