Library Tour!

Welcome to the library! It’s the coolest (and during the warm months, the hottest) place to be in the school. I got a couple of upgrades this year and finished updating the signage.

When you walk into the library, the book return bin is on your left and the reference and periodical sections are to your right:


Reference and periodicals


The main room has a large carpet for story time, a cozy reading area, pillows for the kids to use, and the nonfiction shelves:




I added an extra table to the work area. Behind the tables is my desk and the circulation computer:


Library tour


And now for the upgrades… tada! Check out the fiction room! Brand new carpet and another set of shelving! I’m so excited. You can also see the student catalog computer on the right:


Fiction room


Last year, the picture book shelves were so cramped it was difficult for the elementary students to look through and take out the books. No more! The picture books can breathe now! I tried to keep as many off of the very bottom shelf as possible. It’s a pain to get down there. But also, it leaves room to grow in the future.


Picture books


Picture books


One column of these shelves is dedicated to featuring the new and recommended juvenile books. Another houses the step readers:


Featured books and step books


I added these two fiction series shelves last year. Geronimo Stilton, Bailey School Kids, Magic Tree House, Flat Stanley, Series of Unfortunate Events, and The 39 Clues are student favorites:


Fiction series books


By the end of this year, we’ll have 10,000 items available for checkout. As you can see, the juvenile fiction section is loaded!


Juvenile Fiction shelves


I’m slowly renovating and expanding the secondary fiction section:


Secondary fiction section


It’s rewarding to see how much the library has grown. I’m hoping there will be a lot more circulation with the new shelving!


» See what’s changed by checking out last year’s tour here.


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