Soccer Spirit Week

Since the kids seemed to really like the last Spirit Week, we decided to have another one before the soccer tournament. It was a short week and we didn’t have as many themed days:

  • Monday: No theme
  • Tuesday: Mismatched Day
  • Wednesday: No school
  • Thursday: Crazy Hair Day
  • Friday: School Colors Day

Our students were creative and so cute! Here are some elementary kids on the morning of Mismatched Day:


Mismatched kids


Mismatched brothers


Three of the secondary boys wore stripes and kilts:


Mismatched boys in kilts


For Crazy Hair Day, I had a high ponytail with a bow and some chopsticks. David didn’t have a lot of hair to work with, so he shaved off part of his beard. Thankfully, he didn’t keep it that way for too long:


Crazy hair and beard




Teasing Hair


We had a short pep assembly on Thursday and I coordinated a silly relay race. There were three teams who raced back and forth across the atrium to put on parts of a uniform.


Pep Assembly Game


It was kind of thrown together last minute, but was entertaining:


Pep Assembly Game


We had a fun couple of days and the teams played well in the tournament.



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