Happy Children’s Day!

We had school off today for National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, a Turkish holiday. The holiday commemorates the first gathering of the Turkish Parliament, which took place on April 23, 1920. (You can read more history of the holiday here.) There is a lot of national pride in Turkey, and many Turks hang flags off of their balconies. Check out this huge flag strung between two buildings:


Turkey flags show pride


Turkish schools have celebration performances with speeches, singing, and dancing. We walked down to the same school as last year to watch the festivities. There was quite a crowd:


Children's Day Event


The Turkish children were so cute in their traditional garb!


Turkish children dancing


Turkish children dancing


I love Turkey this time of year. The sun felt so good today.


Ataturk balloons


PS. In addition to it being a national holiday here… Happy birthday to my little sister, Mary! We love you!



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