Students Say the Funniest Things: Part 3

Our international school has approximately 240 preschool through twelfth grade students. I see all of the elementary classes once a week for library and some high school students for an elective. David has his sixth grade class and also sees many of the elementary and middle school kids for Bible and Character Development. Here are a few quotes from the past few months.


Students playing on the playground



Near the beginning of the year during preschool library time, the kids were coloring and we were chatting. A boy in the class told me, “So, we eat a lot of Chinese food at my house. We have egg rolls and noodles. My mom makes noodles a lot. Do you like noodles?” (I think he was trying to gauge how Asian I was.) I told him that yes, I liked noodles. He asked if I had a favorite kind. I told him I liked all noodles. He said, “Ok. I’ll ask my mom if I can bring noodles sometime.” Flash forward to the next week, I walked downstairs to pick up the class. He was the line leader and told me something right away. “Oh, you have news?” I asked. “No,” he said. “I had noodles yesterday.”



A seventh grader stopped in to get a book after school and told me: “I don’t know if I like seventh grade. I don’t have time to visit the library.” (Secondary students do not have weekly library times; they must stop in during their free time in between classes.)



I had the preschoolers for computers class. After our special, I took them back to their room. They had some pumpkins and were so excited to show me. (Turkey doesn’t have orange pumpkins, but there’s plenty of gray ones.) I told the kids their pumpkins were so cool. I commented how they were lumpy and bumpy. One of the preschoolers responded, “Yeah! Like an old lady!”



David had an elementary grade for Bible class. They had some free time at the end of class and were playing with his Tangram set. Some of the pieces were red and transparent. One student held two red ones over his eyes and said, “Everything is blood!” David had him reenact it:



During another Bible class with elementary students, David was talking to the the kids about having a relationship with God. He asked them, “Do you know Mrs. Benedict? She’s my wife. I love her and I kiss her.” The kids of course said, “Ewwwww!” Then he asked, “Do you think I met her one day and we got married the next day?” A little girl responded, “No! You were boyfriend and girlfriend first!”



An ESL student reciting a Bible verse: “Therefore there is now no constipation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”



Me: “We have other Thanksgiving books in the library, too! You can tell which ones are about Thanksgiving by looking for a sticker like this.”

First Grader: “Are there Star Wars Thanksgiving books?”



Before I started reading a book about Thanksgiving to the preschoolers, I asked them a few questions. (Forgive the political incorrectness.)
Me: “Do you remember what you heard about Thanksgiving at the assembly?”
Kid: “Yeah! Indians! They helped them plant food.”
Me: “Very good! The Indians helped the Pilgrims on the first Thanksgiving.”
Other kid: “You kind of look like an Indian. You’re brown.”



One of the popular fundraisers the students have are Krispy Kreme donut sales. They ship them in from Istanbul and sell them with hot drinks before school. One of the little kindergarten boys got a donut and a hot chocolate. I saw him a few minutes later and he had chocolate stains around his mouth. He was carrying a fresh new cup of hot chocolate.
“Mrs. B, I got two times hot chocolate so I will no be cold!”



There are twins in kindergarten and it is difficult to tell them apart. They love to play tricks and be sneaky. One of our favorite phrases from them is: “I joked you!”



During third grade computers:
Korean boy: Where are you from?
Me: America. But I was born in Korea. I was adopted.
Rest of class: YOURE ADOPTED?!?!??!?!
Other boy: I knew it! You kind of look Korean!



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