My Cheerleaders at their First Game

I didn’t think there’d be a basketball game before winter break, but our athletic director was able to schedule one. I was excited because that meant the cheerleaders finally got to cheer at a game! We tried to attend the last volleyball game, but weren’t able to get base access at that time.

A teacher friend and I have met with the cheerleaders once a week for an hour since August to practice moves, jumps, cheers, and routines. We have 20 girls on our squad. Because the games were scheduled last minute, not all of the cheerleaders were able to attend, but we still had a great turn out:


OIS cheer


The girls did an awesome job! I think the crowd enjoyed watching them almost as much as the game. These girls have a lot of spirit! This was the first basketball game several of them had ever been to. I attempted to answer as many questions as I could about the sport.


Clapping cheerleaders


Clapping cheerleaders


I was especially glad we got a game in so this one had a chance to cheer. She moved to North America this week. She’ll be very missed!


Cheerleader and coach


The girls mostly cheered from the stands, but they went down to the floor during a couple of time-outs to perform. They were a little nervous at first, but I think they were loving it by the end:


Cheering on the sidelines


The high school basketball teams played extremely well and both the boys and the girls won. It was a great first game!


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