Fall Carnival

Three weeks ago our school hosted their annual Fall Carnival. For Fall Carnival, every grade creates a game or activity. Our students love it and many people from the community come join the fun, too. It was great to see some of our former students who came to visit!

The preschool class hosted Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin:


Pin the nose on the pumpkin


The fourth grade class had a magnetic fishing game:


Magnetic fishing


The eighth graders arrested people and put them in Cardboard Jail:


Cardboard Jailhouse


I’m one of the junior class sponsors this year. My students came up with the idea of a Kiss Booth. People paid their tickets and then peeked their head behind a curtain:


Kiss Booth


They got “kissed” with a rubber kiss stamp and then were “kissed” by being presented with a Hershey’s Kiss! Clever, clever.


Kiss Booth Stamp


David and his sixth graders created the idea for the Toilet Toss. Don’t worry – it wasn’t a used toilet seat:


Toilet toss


Other students battled as sumo wrestlers in the Gladiators game:


Sumo wrestling


Some games make an appearance at Fall Carnival every year. The Cardboard Maze Race was a new game created by the seventh graders:


Cardboard maze


I loved seeing the kids dress up! Check out these two cute princesses:




The parent association hosted the International Cafe. Everything was so, so yummy! I forget which country it was from, but my favorite was a fried pastry filled with veggies. It was served with an incredible mango chutney.


International Cafe


David had fun getting back at a student with the Sponge Toss:


Spounge Toss


There was also face painting, a scary house hosted by the seniors, bowling, and ball toss games. It was a long day, but everyone had a lot of fun!


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