Student Work: Type as Image

This is my second time teaching a semester-long Graphic Design elective to high school students. I have a much smaller class this year with only 12 students.

As part of our typography unit, I showed this video by Ji Lee on Type as Image (I edited out some of it). After that, I had the students create their own Type as Image vectors in Inkscape. They had a little less than five class periods to create their words. I had them present their top three designs.

I’ve been very impressed with how quickly this group picked up vector design. Here are a few of their Type as Image creations:


Type as image: walk


Type as image: treausre


Type as image: tie


Type as image: tetris


Type as image: scacchic


Type as image: rollercoaster


Type as image: music


Type as image: look


Type as image: increase


Type as image: foot


Type as image: cut


Type as image: cosmetic


Type as image: barcode


The students will make refinements based on my suggestions before adding the project to their portfolios.

Which word was your favorite?

(You can see a photo of the Type as Image projects from last year in this post.)

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