Hiking in Kizilcahamam

Two of our teacher friends told us about Kızılcahamam and we went to check it out. Kızılcahamam is a small town about 50 miles north of where we live. It’s still a part of the Ankara providence, but it is far outside the city and feels like a completely different place.

Getting there was a breeze! We took a 2TL dolmuş ride from our neighborhood to ANKAmall. Outside the mall, we walked under the overpass, called a number to “reserve” our bus spots, and then paid 7TL for the hour and a half ride into Kızılcahamam. (That’s less than $10 USD round trip!)

We spent our Saturday hiking in Soğuksu (translation “cold water”) National Park with five of our friends.




It felt so good to slip away from the city for a little bit.


Hiking in Kizilcahamam


The view of the mountains was beautiful. Our weather just started to turn cooler, and it was the perfect day to be outside.


Kizilcahamam Mountains


Colorful leaf


Kizilcahamam view


Kizilcahamam view


Hiking in Kizilcahamam


We saw petrified trees and some vultures (apparently this is part of the tourist attraction for the park?) on our hike. And aside from me falling down a hill and almost breaking our camera (miraculously it didn’t break – and neither did I), it was a perfect day!

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