Picking Michigan Blueberries

While we were camping in South Haven, we stopped at DeGrandchamp Farms to pick blueberries! DeGrandchamp had a great you-pick area. They charged $1.75 a pound. After we got our buckets, we headed to the blueberry bushes. I think this was my first time picking blueberries – at least that I can remember!


Degrandchamp blueberry you-pick


Blueberry Farm


Aren’t these berries just beautiful?


Michigan blueberries


Ben picking blueberries


Fallen blueberries


Blueberries on the bush


Holding blueberries{shirt}


Ripening blueberries


Sam and David picking blueberries


Our buckets of picked blueberries


Bucket of blueberries


DeGrandchamp also has a cute country store with lots of blueberry and cranberry products.

We picked about 20 pounds of blueberries! We enjoyed snacking on them and made blueberry pancakes the next morning. Yum!


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