Farm Kitty

David’s family has one cat. He’s had a couple of different names, but the one that stuck was “King Kitty.” He truly rules the roost. He’s a funny farm cat.


John Deere Kitty


King Kitty has one of the most relaxed personalities of any cat I’ve met. Ever since he was a kitten, he’d let you pick him up, hold him, or move him anywhere. One time, one of David’s brothers set him in the middle of a blanket, grabbed all of the edges, and threw it over his shoulder like a bag. King Kitty didn’t mind. Once he set the blanket back down and unfolded the edges, the cat just stretched out like nothing had happened.


We found him snoozing on one of the tractors the other day. He was curious when I came over to take a photo and walked down the tire to say hello:


Farm Cat


Farm Cat


Farm Cat

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