International Day

Last week our upper elementary students had International Day. Students dressed up to represent their home country. It was so fun to see everyone in their costumes!


Cowgirl and the Statue of Liberty

American cowgirl and the Statue of Liberty


America and Malaysia

America and Malaysia


India and Gambia

India and Gambia








Korean traditional dress



Equator, Korea, Japanese traditional clothing

Ecuador, Korea, and Japan


Here’s David and his sixth grade class:


David and his sixth grade class on international day


And the entire upper elementary:


Upper elementary on international day


After lunch, the students went outside for games:


Playing games outside on international day


While the kids played, some mothers set up the International Cafe. The spread was as amazingly diverse as our students! The food was all so yummy! Rice, fish chips, chicken, potato cakes, potato soup, humus, no bake cookies, homemade caramel, pies…


International food for international day


Russian waffles


I don’t think I’d eaten any Korean food before we came to Turkey. Here’s kimbop:


Korean kimbop


And – be still my heart – delicious, authentic Italian tiramisù!




What a privilege it is to a part of such a diverse community! It is a diversity that is celebrated every day.

The lower elementary students have their International Day next. I can’t wait to see what they wear and bring!


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