Eating in Ankara: Certioğlu Konağı

We went to Ulus today to pick up a few things before we travel home for the summer. We’ve heard about a great manti restaurant from several of the other teachers. We ran into some friends while we were there and they told us where to find it.

Certioğlu Konağı Kafeterya was down a side street (on the left side) when you walk towards the Ankara castle.


Certioğlu Konağı


The restaurant had a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The man told us it was a “family” restaurant and we could either take off our shoes or put plastic footies over our shoes. We ate upstairs where they had floor seating and Anatolian-style copper tables.


Lunch date in Ulus


David ordered beef manti and I ordered potato manti. It was some of the best we’ve had! They made everything fresh in the restaurant. Manti is kind of like a ravioli. It is typically served with yogurt, oil, tomato, and herbs on top.


Turkish manti


For dessert, we had a honey and wanut gözleme with çay.

After we paid our bill, we got to see  the cooks roll out gözleme dough and cook it on the hot, round stove.


Making gözleme


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    Its a calm place to eat and to be with your friends . We like to go for lunch time to make a short “time trip” in that historical place , while savouring tastefull dishes. As our work place is at Ulus area its one of our privilege.

    March 8, 2020 at 8:19 am
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