Daniel’s Here!

David’s brother Daniel arrived in Ankara yesterday! (There are five boys in the Benedict family. David is the oldest and Daniel is two years younger than him.)


Picking up Daniel at the airport


Daniel is finishing up his undergrad in Psychology at Liberty University. He will be staying with us during his 3 month internship where he’ll be learning more about the Turkish culture, language, and people. He also hopes to assist in some humanitarian efforts with refugees.


Daniel's first Turkish meal


After taking his luggage to our apartment, we took him for a tour around our neighborhood. We showed him the school and went out for dinner. Daniel’s first Turkish meal was lamb śiś kebap. He also had his first of what will be many cups of çay!

We are excited to have Daniel with us and hope he will enjoy Turkey just as much as we do.



  1. Daniel’s Transition: Please pray he will get over jetlag quickly and for his transition into a new culture.
  2. Finals and Testing: This week is finals week for our high school students. In addition, many of the elementary kids – including David’s class – have standardized testing. Please pray our students will do well and not stress.
  3. The New Semester: I am busy preparing for a new elective class (yearbook) that starts next week!


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