Liberty University Alums in Ankara

I don’t think I heard much about Turkey before we announced we were moving. David and I have been amazed at the connections our friends and family have to Turkey. My dad has a coworker from Turkey, a former coworker of mine had a Turkish roommate, my best friend’s cousin has a friend in college whose family lives in Turkey… the list goes on and on!

A friend from our previous home in Lynchburg, Virginia let us know her friend and fellow Liberty University alumnus would be in Ankara for a basketball tournament. (David graduated from Liberty.) After school on Friday, we hopped in a taxi and took a short ride to Tobb Etu, a college in Ankara.

The campus was pretty. We had a couple of wrong turns trying to find the “spor salonu” (gym). Several college students who spoke English helped us out. We found our seats a few minutes before the game started.


Tobb Etu Ted Ankara


Megan Frazee plays for the Samsun Basketbol team. The city of Samsun is about 250 miles northeast from where we live and is along the coast of the Black Sea. Samsun played Ted Ankara Kolejliler last night. The two teams were very competitive and the game was fast paced.


Samsun Basketbol Team


We cheered for Samsun. Megan was recovering from an injury and was not able to play. It was a close game, but Samsun lost.



Afterwards, another game of the tournament started and Megan sat with us in the stands. It was such an encouragement to meet her and hear about her story and experiences. God has been doing so many cool things in her life and sports career!


Meeting Liberty Alum Megan Frazee


Megan has a great website and blog – please check it out!

We hope the rest of the tournament goes well and will be praying for your quick recovery, Megan!

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